Monday, August 29, 2016

The comfort of home-style assisted living comes to Illinois for senior housing

Brandon Schwab believes seniors who need living assistance shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comforts of a real home when they move into an assisted living facility. That’s why he founded Shepherd Premier Senior Living, a senior-housing alternative to the apartment-style living most seniors can expect when they can no longer live on their own.

“If someone has lived in a single-family home for 80 years, why would they want to move into a cramped apartment?” he asked. “And, just because they can’t live entirely on their own doesn’t mean they should stop living. That, and providing the highest quality care, is what Shepherd is all about.”

Schwab created Shepherd based on the model for senior-housing that is most common in states such as Florida, California and Arizona. As he explained, 80 percent of the seniors in Florida who require an assisted-living setting, live in a renovated single-family home with, on average, five other seniors.
Along with the comforts of home, seniors at a Shepherd assisted-living home also benefit from an outstanding level of care.

“Our caregiver-to-resident ratio is never more than 1 to 5,” he said. “And that includes 24/7 CNA assistance. Most other assisted-living facilities don’t even come close to that.”

At a Shepherd home, seniors can choose between private and semi-private rooms with no more than 10 beds per home. Seniors in a Shepherd home receive three home-cooked meals daily, housekeeping, security and engaging activities, in addition to the care of Certified Nursing Assistants.

He said that family members often find themselves unprepared when they discover that loved ones can no longer entirely live on their own. They have to find out what level of care their loved ones need, where they can get that level of care and, along the way, they’re hoping their loved ones will be happy and safe in their new home.

“It’s a daunting task,” said Schwab. “Our hope is that we’ve offered an alternative that will make the process easier and more successful.”

To learn more about Shepherd Premier Senior Living, you can visit or call 224-333-6247.

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