Monday, August 29, 2016

Shepherd Premier Senior Living provides complimentary ebook: guide will help seniors find quality housing

When the time comes that you or a loved one just can’t live alone anymore, finding quality senior housing is an intimidating process. This is a decision that you can’t make lightly. You need a senior home that is safe, healthy and supportive of the emotional needs of the home’s residents.

Brandon Schwab, the founder of Shepherd Premier Senior Living, has created a senior housing alternative where, instead of apartment-style living (the norm in senior housing), those who choose Shepherd Premier for assisted-living senior housing, live in a comfortable single-family style home. But, every senior’s situation is unique. Schwab understands that seniors and their families want to decide for themselves when it comes to senior housing.

With that in mind, Schwab has written a free 64-page booklet – an ebook – that is available online at titled: “Senior Housing Guide: How to Survive and Win the Search for Senior Housing.”

The ebook includes a checklist to help those looking for senior housing check off questions they’ve answered, such as the critical “Caregiver-to-Resident” ratio. There are a lot of important points covered in the ebook but Schwab said this is probably the most important.

“In some homes, though they may have quality caregivers, the caregiver-to-resident ratio is so high that you can’t reasonably expect those caregivers to adequately provide for the needs of everyone they serve,” said Schwab.

Schwab points out that, if you choose a senior home wisely, the experience can be very fulfilling for the senior living in the home and for the entire family. On the other hand, if a senior moves into the wrong home, the situation can range from disappointing to disastrous.

Download your Senior Housing Guide ebook at

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